Tuesday, August 28, 2007

winter wonderland

On the 25/7/2007----------

Amanda, Josh, Pearly, Xiang and i went to mount Buller for skiing!!!

Josh's mom got this place through something like time share and she paid for our accomodation. hehehehehehe..... It was so much fun!!! Shame my darling dean couldnt come cause he tore his cartileage... idiot...

ok some photos now..

that was part of the view from our little cottage..

That's Pearly and I already posing b4 we hit the snows... Those are my Paris Hilton shades which i have stolen from Amanda.. kekekkee

That's Amanda and I trying to look cool in those monkey thick suits. Not very falttering...

This picture was taken after i was done falling on my ass for the last 2 hours and have decided to head to the cafe and wait for the rest of them instead.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmellows!!!! Heaven when your whole body is half frozen...

cirque de soleil

Dean bought me cirque de soleil tix as part of my birthday present. it was fantastic. These guys are trully gifted.

Don't you just love those mask??? unfortunately they didnt allow us to take any photos of the performances. This guy was juggling ping pong balls out of his mouth. Shooting it for more than metre into the air. that is a strong mouth he has.

hehehehhe.... I made dean wear a joker's hat... Don't he look sexy.... LOL

These are the masks that i thought was coolest..

Wanna give a guess how much they cost???

come one... guess...

AUD 400!!!! damn.....

Ok.. time for a new post...

let's see.......

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tell tale signs

How do you know that your boyfriend is a mama's boy???

Answer: They cook indo noodles in the microwave without putting water in the bowl.


If i could take a picture of the smell that is still lurking in my apartment... You wouldn't be laughing now.. Sorry Amanda

A Durian Nut's Nightmare

It was a perfect evening.....

The perfect Thai dinner, with that authentic Tom Yum.. Right amount of spiciness and sourness with the sweetness of seafood in the soup.

Our perfect evening was suppose to end with a gelati dessert at the famous Freddo.

And the..... Disaster Strikes!!!!!


I fell into depression and it was absolute nightmare... How dare they deprive me of my joy of my beloved durian gelati melting on my tongue. The flavour of durian that absolutely consumes me as it slides down my throat... HOW DARE THEY!!!

The lady in store was nice enough to scrap off the last little bit of Durian gelati left there... Taking that into consideration, I decided to spare her of the tragic and tormented night i was going to give her.. ngeh hehehhehe....


I couldnt decide what flavour to have afther that. There ware 24 flavours but nothing was good enough. NOTHING!!!


Rule of Thumb: Do not mess with a durian nut.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My guardian

Mittens in her little pony castle. So cute!!!

I am Queen MitMit!! This is my castle..
Trespassers BEWARE!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update!! Update!!

Sorry ppl!!! i haven't blogged for like 3 months... I know.. i know...

OK.. after tht last blog in November, My family came down to Melbourne for a visit and we went to Sydney!!! It was fun except the part where your mom keeps going on about everything, from how you eat, how you dress, bla bla bla..

Now, some pictures....

We stayed on Liverpool St. I think that is near the China town in Sydney. We were literally just a street away. We were really near Darling Harbour too.

My dear Parents.. Still loving. Ain't tht sweet..

Don's even get me started on their choice of pose. They needed a bit of help with the getting up part (heheheh).. Shhhh... Secret ok??

My sister and i sharing a picture. I forgot to bring shoes!! So i was walking around in my beloved Havaianas which Amanda(my housemate not my sister. I know it's confusing.) got for me. Thanks!!!

This little girl is so cute!!! She was chasing a seagull which i did not manage to capture in time (Arghh!!!). It was suppose to be one those nice little photos which you capture of the locals there. Stupid seagull destroyed my masterpiece (*sob*)...

The Second day

We were at the Sydney Fish Market.. Seafood was DA BEST!!! As you can see my sister never misses out.

I wasn't far behind..
mmmmmmmmmm..... Lobster... Crab... Heaven....
Scary seagulls..

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Malaysian Life

The ever so crowded mamak stalls, eating indo mee, drinking teh-o ice limau... driving my car everywhere and anywhere i want.. A lot of procrastinating.. I can only dream.........

An example of Malaysian going out..

Person 1: eh wanna go mamak anot.

Person 2: ok. What time u wanna meet.

Person 1: ok. See u there at 10.30 la. eh go tell the rest.

Person 2: ok la. ciao.

10.30pm- no one there

11.30pm- someone finally decide to appear. Subsequently the rest of the gang will start to show
up one by one.

Haiz... Malaysian....

I miss Malaysia!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I want lotus roots soup!!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I was just reading Amanda's roller coaster life in her dream and i'm jealous!!!!

I think there's something wrong with my brain circuits.
Why can't i remember my dreams!!!
Maybe i'm too much of a pig to remember.

Dean says i'm such a dead sleeper. Totally dead to the world.