Tuesday, August 28, 2007

winter wonderland

On the 25/7/2007----------

Amanda, Josh, Pearly, Xiang and i went to mount Buller for skiing!!!

Josh's mom got this place through something like time share and she paid for our accomodation. hehehehehehe..... It was so much fun!!! Shame my darling dean couldnt come cause he tore his cartileage... idiot...

ok some photos now..

that was part of the view from our little cottage..

That's Pearly and I already posing b4 we hit the snows... Those are my Paris Hilton shades which i have stolen from Amanda.. kekekkee

That's Amanda and I trying to look cool in those monkey thick suits. Not very falttering...

This picture was taken after i was done falling on my ass for the last 2 hours and have decided to head to the cafe and wait for the rest of them instead.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmellows!!!! Heaven when your whole body is half frozen...


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