Tuesday, July 25, 2006

little princess

little princess
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How cute is she!!!????!! A new edition to my apartment...

Little princess not weighting more than 3 kg stumbled to me when i saw her in a pet shop.

she is so so so so so so cute!!!! Her little sad eyes just melted my heart.
covered with a silky black coat of fur and just a lil' white patch down her chest.

Don't that pink collar just look fabulous on her!! And it has a matching leash too!!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

My boyfriend saviour or idiot

what are the chances that someone leaves his atm card in the atm machine next to you?
hmmmm.... That would be about one in a zillion...

Dean and i had gone to the atm earlier to withdraw some cash and some guy next to us left his atm card in the machine. Instinctively in my head, this sound came through... cha- ching!!!! The sweet sound of cash. But of course, given the saintlyness in both of us(Yeah rite..) we took 20 dollars ONLY out of his cheqing account.


We were actually caught off guard with the atm machine next to us making noises like tut.. tut.. tut.. So we walked over to check it.

God's in a happy mood today. We were presented with the option of making a next transaction. So we gladly took the sign from god...... uhmm.. Anyways, dean started pressing buttons on the atm machine and OMG... HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 bucks came out of the atm machine. Dean and i was dumbstruck we couldn't beleive it that someone actually left their atm card in the machine.

I was asking Dean during that time to press $100 instead of $20. Can you imagine, we could have $50 each!!!( Don't be so greedy nicole, bad girl) This was the idiot part of my boyfriend.

Now the saviour!!

i have yet again LEFT MY KEYS!! i locked myself out again for the trillionth time!! my housemate amanda is sleeping over at Sean's(her bf). I couldnt ask her to come all the way in at 9PM. The embarassment of having to ask her to come in is unbearable after i have asked her the last few times when i left my keys. I was about to fall into a panic attack when dean pulled out the spare keys i had made for him! HALLELUJAH AGAIN!! I swear i thought i saw a gold shining band on top of his head. And this was my saviour.

So my boyfriend saviour or idiot? That is the question.