Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tell tale signs

How do you know that your boyfriend is a mama's boy???

Answer: They cook indo noodles in the microwave without putting water in the bowl.


If i could take a picture of the smell that is still lurking in my apartment... You wouldn't be laughing now.. Sorry Amanda

A Durian Nut's Nightmare

It was a perfect evening.....

The perfect Thai dinner, with that authentic Tom Yum.. Right amount of spiciness and sourness with the sweetness of seafood in the soup.

Our perfect evening was suppose to end with a gelati dessert at the famous Freddo.

And the..... Disaster Strikes!!!!!


I fell into depression and it was absolute nightmare... How dare they deprive me of my joy of my beloved durian gelati melting on my tongue. The flavour of durian that absolutely consumes me as it slides down my throat... HOW DARE THEY!!!

The lady in store was nice enough to scrap off the last little bit of Durian gelati left there... Taking that into consideration, I decided to spare her of the tragic and tormented night i was going to give her.. ngeh hehehhehe....


I couldnt decide what flavour to have afther that. There ware 24 flavours but nothing was good enough. NOTHING!!!


Rule of Thumb: Do not mess with a durian nut.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My guardian

Mittens in her little pony castle. So cute!!!

I am Queen MitMit!! This is my castle..
Trespassers BEWARE!!!