Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update!! Update!!

Sorry ppl!!! i haven't blogged for like 3 months... I know.. i know...

OK.. after tht last blog in November, My family came down to Melbourne for a visit and we went to Sydney!!! It was fun except the part where your mom keeps going on about everything, from how you eat, how you dress, bla bla bla..

Now, some pictures....

We stayed on Liverpool St. I think that is near the China town in Sydney. We were literally just a street away. We were really near Darling Harbour too.

My dear Parents.. Still loving. Ain't tht sweet..

Don's even get me started on their choice of pose. They needed a bit of help with the getting up part (heheheh).. Shhhh... Secret ok??

My sister and i sharing a picture. I forgot to bring shoes!! So i was walking around in my beloved Havaianas which Amanda(my housemate not my sister. I know it's confusing.) got for me. Thanks!!!

This little girl is so cute!!! She was chasing a seagull which i did not manage to capture in time (Arghh!!!). It was suppose to be one those nice little photos which you capture of the locals there. Stupid seagull destroyed my masterpiece (*sob*)...

The Second day

We were at the Sydney Fish Market.. Seafood was DA BEST!!! As you can see my sister never misses out.

I wasn't far behind..
mmmmmmmmmm..... Lobster... Crab... Heaven....
Scary seagulls..