Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lazy Bones


Yet another episode of lazy bones. Why is it that i always can't sit my ass down to do my work!! Assignment due on monday but i'm still dragging myself to stuff my face into my work.

Haizzzz nicole....

Writing this blog is just yet another one of my excuses not to start on my work. Therefore, i shall just end it now.

But b4 i do!! hehehe.. It was Dean's birthday yesterday!! He just turned 21.. what a big boy he is!!

Dean was all bling-ed up with a neckless and a bangle that his mom gave him. Of course me being the good girlfriend ( AHEM!!) gave him a nice Guess watch too ( tributes to Sean which finally helped me made up my mind). God knows how long i was gonna stand there. I shall take a picture of his bling blings to show you guys.

Happy Birthday my darling

The dinner was superb at SHOYA. Great services ( shy.. didn't give any tips), good food with great presentation. Not to mention the great price too... (cry)

Tell me that don't look nice. Sashimi in an ice ball. So cool..... Well after dinner we retreat to a quiet night of cuddling n watching stupid japanese game shows which was actually hilarious.